Body Painting, Know More About The Famous Bodypainting

Body Painting By Professional Artists

Body painting, better known as bodypainting today, is possibly the oldest form of artistic expression. Our ancestors already in prehistory were applied on the skin pigments in red, black and other tones that they got from the substances that they obtained from nature; like coal, clay or your blood.

It served to camouflage themselves in the environment when they went hunting, but mainly body painting was a sign of identity that distinguished the members of one tribe against others. This utility was later abandoned and reserved for rituals and ceremonies, something that is still carried out today in some societies, mainly in Africa, Asia and the indigenous peoples of Latin America.

For bodypainting, the body is the canvas on which one works. In Western culture, body painting has been relegated to a strictly artistic level. The skins are made with water paints, glitter and all kinds of materials to create real works of art. Today we bring you some examples of professionals who have carried out an excellent job.

Johannes Stoetter

The Italian artist Johannes Stoetter uses naked bodies to create his compositions. These focus on nature, specifically in the animal world, landscapes, fruits, and materials such as stone or wood.

In addition to the incredible handling of the brushes and colors, in their creations is fundamental the placement of the models, since sometimes up to four people participate in the representation of a single animal. The result is so realistic that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the figure from the models. Take a look at the gallery of images.

Guido Daniele

More than bodypainting, we can say that Guido Daniele is a professional in the art of “Handpainting.” Committed to causes of nature conservation, has participated in many campaigns reaching to make up hands over ninety different animals.

As he affirms, “It is a challenge to work on a surface in constant change and with so many folds. Patience is always the key. For me, art is something fantastic and beautiful that makes me feel good when I see it. My references are great Renaissance artists like Rafael or Miguel Angel; I find a source of inexhaustible inspiration in them. “