Airbush Paint Jam Sponsored by Local House Painters

!!!!!NM House painting jam – MARCH 4, 2006 – 2:00-12:00 MIDNIGHT – FACTORY ON 5TH – 1715 5TH STREET NW!!!!

The New Mexico Painting Festival was formed

to bring a new art form to this art-enriched state.  Painting has been ever-present in our history.  It is now time for the US to explore these avenues.

Festival Sponsors:

Professional Face, Body and House painting Artist, Way Wicked Art and Southwest Face and Body Art Guild

Since 2001, we have been focused on promoting the world of paint. We began with a few local painters focused on bringing joy and life through house painting. For over 17 years we have opened the door for local house painters to be a part of sponsoring our festival. This festival focuses on bringing paint to life. Whether people are able to enjoy the paint within their home through interior painting or exterior painting or through body painting, we seek to promote the beauty of painting. From providing vibrant paint colors for your home, it is amazing the way paint can bring life to people’s lives.  It is this thought behind bringing paint to life that we have chosen to create this festival. It is focused on allowing painters throughout the United States to sponsor this event so that it can promote their business. We focus on promoting house painting businesses so that it brings exposure to their business. One of our sponsors this year provides painters in Castle Rock. Over the years we have had sponsors who were new in the business of house painting or they have been experienced with more than 20 to 30 years of experience. If you are interested in sponsoring this years festival or next years, contact us for more information.